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Fitness For All – Why Euphoria Boost Is For You!

May 10th 2022

You're not too old, you're not too unfit and you are absolutely not too late! Fitness is for everyone regardless of age, size, health & ability and Euphoria Boost is here to show you just that!

You’re not too old, you’re not too unfit and you are absolutely not too late!

It would be easy to view the fitness industry as slightly fickle, slightly biased and altogether a little bit exclusive in favour of the young, the super fit, the strong and the beautiful.

However this is simply not true! Despite what social media so often inaccurately leads us to believe, the fitness industry is not an exclusive club. It is absolutely for everyone regardless of age, size, health & ability. And Euphoria Boost is an example of just that!

Regardless of your current fitness levels, your perception of your abilities, whether you’re a regular exerciser or new to movement, our workouts are 100% inclusive and accessible to all those who will experience menopause.

And this is why:-

  1. All of our workouts are 100% accessible to EVERYONE regardless of current fitness levels or abilities.

  2. We always work to time intervals rather than counting reps meaning that everyone is able to work at their own pace. Whether you achieve 2 reps in the given time interval or 10 reps is no problem – it’s always YOUR workout.

  3. I teach modifications to exercises throughout each workout with a particular focus on low impact options and stability options. Again it is YOUR workout – you work at a level which is right for you.

  4. Safety is a priority. Everyone is encouraged to tune into their own bodies, their movement patterns and their comfort zones. If something causes pain or discomfort, stop the exercise or change it for something different. And remember you can always message me or place a comment in the box if you have any questions.

  5. Workouts are live streamed from my home to the comfort of yours meaning you can work out entirely in your comfort zone, with no one watching you and eliminating the tendency to compare. You could even exercise in your pjs – no one will ever know!

  6. All of our workouts require either no or minimal equipment so we’ve eliminated the need for any further financial outlay. All we ask you to have to hand is some water, a sweat towel and your biggest smile!

  7. All of our live workouts are streamed via our Private Members Only Facebook Group which you will gain access to when you subscribe. We currently stream 4 times a week and offer a mixture of early morning, evening and lunchtime classes. To ensure even greater accessibility, if you can’t always join live, the workout stays on our timeline so you can catch up at a time that works for you.
  8. So now you know that Euphoria Boost is fully inclusive be sure to head to the sign up link and join us today and take your first steps towards a happier, healthier you!  of all our upcoming workouts and then log on to this Group at the class time and I’ll be right there waiting for you! And don’t panic, if you can’t always join me live, the workout stays on our timeline so you can catch up at a time that works for you.

And Remember …

Fitness is for everyone! Fitness is movement! You move, you exercise. It is 100% an “inclusive for all” amazing club!! Join today and find out for yourself!!