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Strong Body – Strong Mind! Why Women Should Strength Train!

Jun 24th 2022

Incorporating strength training into your exercise regime will raise your metabolism, burn fat, keep you strong and healthy and make you look and feel amazing!!

Strong Body – Strong Mind

I’m a great believer in if you understand the WHY and the HOW you are more likely to commit to the DO! Let me clarify – if you understand the reasons WHY you should be doing something and HOW you should be doing it, you are 100% more likely to DO it, to commit to doing it regularly and dare I say it, to enjoy it!!

Let’s relate this to strength training. There is no arguing the science, research and factual evidence behind the far reaching benefits of strength training when it comes to women’s health and fitness. However, so few of us actually engage in any form of strength or resistance training on a regular basis when it comes to our fitness habits and routines, preferring to go with the “cardio is best” approach!

The most commonly cited reasons why, as women, we shy away from those weights are:

  1. “I’m afraid to get bulky”
  2. “Strength training is not as good for weight loss as cardio”
  3. “I don’t know how to lift weights effectively”
  4. “The weights room at my gym is always full of men and very intimidating”
  5. “I’m scared of injuring myself”

First of all let me define exactly what strength training (sometimes referred to as resistance training) actually is. Resistance training is any form of exercise where your muscles are put under tension by an external force through a pushing, pulling or lifting action. The external force could come from your own bodyweight or anything from dumbbells to kettlebells to resistance bands to fixed weight gym machines. It could also come from a household object such as a teatowel (check out our amazing towel based strength workout here), a couple of bags of sugar or some filled water bottles.


Now let’s dispel those myths cited above and explain why strength training is so important to us:

  1. You will not bulk up! Women simply do not have the same levels of testosterone in their bodies as men do and that aside you would need to put in some serious hours of weight training, lift some heavy ass weights and ensure your diet is absolutely on point to even begin to look like Arnie Schwarzenegger.
  2. As we age and our oestrogen levels decline, we naturally lose muscle mass so it’s important we engage in regular strength training to maintain and promote lean muscle mass as much as possible. Not only will this keep us stronger and more effective when we exercise but also in our daily life and all our functional movements.
  3. Weight training makes us look good!! Think ean, toned, sculpted & strong!
  4. Weight training promotes healthy bones and joints helping prevent against osteoporosis and reducing our risk of injury.
  5. Weight training builds muscle which increases your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate which is the rate at which you burn calories even when at rest) meaning that the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn! In short – muscle is a fat burning superpower!
  6. Weight training incorporating big compound exercises (exercises working multiple muscle groups at one time) is a much more efficient method of burning belly fat than spending hours and hours doing sit ups!
  7. Weight training has been proved to be a highly efficient way of reducing depression and anxiety and boosting confidence.
  8. You don’t need to go to the gym to benefit from strength training. All of our Euphoria Boost workouts include an element of strength training – some more than others. All of our workouts are taught with correct technique and safety at the forefront. And all of our workouts incorporate minimum inexpensive equipment and some are purely bodyweight.

So for all of the above reasons YOU NEED TO STRENGTH TRAIN!!

Ok so now you understand the WHY, here’s the HOW and the DO and it couldn’t be simpler!! Women should perform resistance based exercises 3 times a week and this is where Euphoria Boost has you covered! Follow our weekly timetable of workouts and you would very easily tick off all of your strength training needs!

And finally, if you don’t currently own any weights of your own and you feel like this might be a good time to invest, here are my recommendations as to what someone fairly new to lifting weights should be looking to buy:

  1. Two sets of dumbbells will ensure you get the most out of your training.
  2. For isolation exercises (which utilise one small muscle) you will want to go lighter and I would recommend starting at 2.5 kg or 3 kg.
  3. For compound exercises (which utilise multiple muscle groups) you will want to go a little heavier and I would recommend 4 kg or 5 kg.
  4. Remember exercises can be performed with 2 weights or just a single weight which gives you lots of options even if you only invest in two sets.
  5. A good gauge as to whether you are lifting heavy enough is how you feel towards the end of a set or interval. The last few reps of each exercise should start to feel like a real challenge. If you are approaching the end of a set or time interval and you feel like you could merrily keep pushing/pulling/lifting those weights all day then that’s your indication you need to lift heavier.

So to summarise, incorporate strength training into your exercise regime because, quite simply, it raises your metabolism, burns fat, keeps you strong and healthy and makes you look and feel good!!

And Remember …

Incorporating strength training into your exercise regime will raise your metabolism, burn fat, keep you strong and healthy and make you look and feel amazing!!