Training Through Menopause by Kate Allen, Ultra Runner

Jun 22nd 2022 Free

Kate Allen is an Ultra Runner who talks candidly and refreshingly about her experiences through menopause and the impact it has had on her ability to run and exercise in the way she once did. Training Through Menopause is an online community of strong female endurance runners - supporting, informing & inspiring each other to ...


Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference!

May 18th 2022 Members only

Small changes can deliver those big results and transformations. By making as little as one small change you can influence more positive, healthy habits into your life and daily routines and therefore create a much happier, healthier, fitter version of YOU!


Can Exercise Help Me Through Menopause?

May 10th 2022 Free

For the sake of our weight, physical health and emotional wellbeing, regular exercise really could help our journey through the menopause with fewer and less significant symptoms. And all it takes is as little as 20 minutes a day!