About Us

About Us

Euphoria Boost is an online Fitness & Lifestyle Hub empowering women to live a stronger, healthier, happier life!

Through the power of exercise and more we provide you with the guidance, support & confidence to incorporate a safe and effective fitness programme into your life. Supported by sound nutritional advice, delicious recipes and an informed & fun Blog we help you to thrive & flourish through every stage of life.

With a particular emphasis on women’s health, Euphoria Boost is built around our incredible female targeted live workouts! With 4 brand new live classes each week streamed from my home to the comfort of yours, we’ve got ALL your weekly exercise needs covered eliminating the need for any further gym membership or classes! These classes are 100% unedited LIVE fun using minimal equipment and are fully inclusive therefore suitable for anyone regardless of existing fitness levels and ability.

Join Us!

Work at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home whilst still being part of a wonderful community and enjoying the benefits & personal connection of training with the same person all the time.

Can’t always make the live classes? No problem! All our classes are accessible anytime through our On Demand page giving you total flexibility to work out when you want, where you want and how you want!

Join Euphoria Boost today and approach menopause as a more confident, informed, happier, healthier & empowered you!

Take charge of your health today

Individual Memership

per person, per month
  • Exercise – Access to all Live and On Demand Workouts
  • Nutrition – Access to the Euphoria Boost Kitchen
  • Lifestyle – Access to the Euphoria Boost Blog and Weekly Newsletters
  • Community – Access to the Euphoria Boost Community via our Private Members Facebook Group

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